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Thyroid Medication: Generic vs Brand Name

Is there genuinely a difference between name-brand and generic medication? In short, the answer is yes. Although both are approved by the FDA and the active ingredients are typically the same, the inactive ingredients almost always vary. The primary reason for choosing a generic drug is the price. It is cheaper for patients and pharmacies. This is because non-name brand hormones and medications generally have more variation in quality control and the concentration of active ingredients in the product. Generic brands are also more affordable since they can copy the medication recipe from the name brand without spending money on research and testing.

An increasing problem in the United States is that pharmacies and insurance companies are pushing to prescribe generic medications instead of name brands for severe patient conditions. This is especially true for levothyroxine, a hormone used to treat thyroid issues. These issues include hypothyroidism (a condition in which there is not enough hormone produced from the gland), hyperthyroidism (a condition in which the gland secretes and produces too much hormone), and thyroid cancer. It can also assist in decreasing the size of an enlarged thyroid gland.

For many people, using a generic brand will assist in handling their medical issues without a problem. The slight ingredient change does not affect a large portion of the population. However, there are still cases where a brand-name product is preferred. Generic brand medication usually carries fillers that can change the drug absorbency and use different preservatives from the name brand product. There can also be differences in the formulas and binders that are part of the medications prescribed to patients. These differences could cause a patient not to tolerate their prescribed medication. This fluctuation could also require doctors to adjust and change doses between patient refills or change the prescription medication to a name brand anyway. This causes more work for the doctors and pharmacists and will likely cause more stress for the patient being treated.

It is essential, helpful, and less stressful for patients to receive consistent care when dealing with potentially life-threatening health issues. Having high-quality and clinically proven medication can ensure that patients function at their best with their condition. This includes minimizing potential complications, side effects, and death. A study shares that severe forms of hyperthyroidism can cause various organ failures (including failure of the kidneys and liver) and even potential death.

The most important step for someone with any health issue is to see a doctor for medical help and advice. For these medical issues, patients generally see an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists are specialized internal medicine professionals who treat and diagnose health problems and disorders relating to the body’s hormones and hormonal glands, also known as endocrine disorders. Some of these disorders include metabolic disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, and thyroid diseases. Endocrinologists may also work with a patient’s primary care physicians to review and discuss treatment plans.

Groups of endocrinologists, such as the Bay Area Endocrinology Associates, have years of medical research and history under their belts. They prioritize the importance of receiving proper medication and high-end medical care and making the already complicated lives of their patients more manageable. The Bay Area Endocrinology Associates specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing endocrine disorders. They also guarantee that their care is personalized for every patient and that their experienced professional care will specialized for each individual. Their website provides resources for patients to review and assess on their own time and a blog that shares information dating back ten years.

All five current Bay Area Endocrinology Associates primary doctors have extensive and educational medical backgrounds. Doctor Pedro I Troya and Doctor Carlos A Fumero are both board-certified through the Diplomate American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism and are both assistant professors of medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. To get the assistance you may need, schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment with Doctor Pedro I Troya.



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