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Bay Area Endocrinology Associates

Located in Tampa, FL we specialize in the treatment of all thyroid conditions including cancer, nodules, hyper and hypothyroidism. We perform our own thyroid ultrasounds, biopsies, and labs. We also treat other complex metabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesity with a comprehensive weight loss program, and hormone deficient states such as low testosterone. Multiple office locations throughout the area for convenient access.


Bay Area Endocrinology Associates

Our practice is driven to provide the best service possible and to maintain the highest standards of care while remaining responsive and adaptable to the challenges ahead.


Bay Area Endocrinology Associates

We Care About Our Patients


Bay Area Endocrinology Associates

Bay Area Endocrinology Associates is a single specialty group of board certified endocrinologists. Our physicians have the experience and expertise managing the most difficult of endocrine problems and possess the tools to make the most challenging diagnoses. We understand that in today’s complex healthcare environment you need doctors who are uniquely qualified to be at the forefront. With experience in academic medicine, private practice in both solo and multispecialty settings and with strong roots and connections in the Tampa Bay area, we offer you personalized care tailored to your individual needs.

24 Response Time

We pride ourselves in quick turnaround times for inquiries about new and follow up appointments, medication refills, lab results, and other general requests.

Patient Care

Our board certified Endocrinologists are personable, compassionate, and responsive. Our office staff is dedicated to your needs and committed to providing a pleasant experience to the patient.

Latest Medical Equipment

A state of the art ultrasound suite with modern equipment and qualified staff. Real-time ultrasound imaging by interpreting physician.

Years of Experience

Over ten years of combined experience dealing with the most complex and challenging endocrine problems.

With great confidence, I am proud to recommend to you, Dr. Pedro Troya. After suffering for years in relentless pain and hopelessness, I was lucky enough to have been referred to Dr. Troya by my internal medicine doctor. During my first visit, Dr. Pedro I Troya, MD, FACE, ECNU had assessed my medical record and with his first examination, came up with a preliminary diagnosis of Acromegaly. Dr. Troya took the time to examine my entire history of ailments and complaints. His thorough examination and attention to detail found, what countless others could not. Dr. Troya took the time to edify and ease my fears as we faced the challenge of stopping additional damage. My first visit with Dr. Troya was in October of 2009 and we had the tumor removed in February of 2010. When complications forced me back into the ICU, Dr. Troya ensured that the care I was receiving met with the challenges that I faced. He coordinated with the Neuro-Surgeon, the staff at Tampa General Hospital, and USF Medical. Dr. Troya was there when I was fearful and unsure of my recovery. Dr. Troya follows up with his patients in a way few other doctors do today. He truly cares. As a person, Dr. Troya is more than just my endocrinologist. He is a trusted doctor and friend that I can call on when medical issues cause me concern. There is no one I trust more than Dr. Troya.

Warren Merkle Jr.

I have been going to Dr. Troya for a year He has treated my Diabetes with great success. He communicates with my other doctors so he has a complete medical history of all my health issue. We need more caring doctors like Dr. Troya who has the patients best interest at heart. I am very thankful for Dr. Pedro Troya.

Victor Cruz

As a patient of Dr. Troya’s for several years I would highly recommend this endocrinologist to anyone. He gives full attention to you and your needs w/o being pressed for time. His diagnosis and treatments are thorough with up to date technology and years of experience. His concern and compassion are genuine with your best interest at heart. After having multiple biopsies preformed by Dr. Troya I am definitely a loyal follower.

Deborah Diaz

I was a Private Pilot for 34 years before contracting Type 1 diabetes after a severe case of food poisoning in March of 2008. My first Endocrinologist refused to assist me in working with the FAA to retain my Pilots license. I became a patient of Dr. Troya in 2010. Since that time he has put me on a Continuous Glucose Monitoring regime and helped me to stabilize my blood glucose levels to levels that will allow me to pass my FAA medical exam. His caring and interest in each patients personal issues as well as their medical outcome marks him as an outstanding physician.

Michael Hoover

Dr. Carlos Fumero is a very personable and caring physician. He takes the time to listen and is very thorough in his evaluations and explanations. He exercises incredible care and concern. I have been referring family members and friends to Dr. Carlos Fumero for almost two years now. We are all exceptionally grateful to have found such a trusted physician. Thank you - Dr Carlos Fumero. Your kindness and your medical expertise are more appreciated than I could ever express in words.

KC Mullis
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