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Prevention and Treatment at Bay Area Endocrinology Associates

Dr. Pedro I. Troya is one of the chief medical practitioners at Bay Area Endocrinology Associates, located in Tampa. Dr. Troya, a board-certified Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Physician, joins two other doctors, Dr. Carlos Fumero and Dr. Sean Amirzadeah, to complete the physician team at Bay Area Endocrinology Associates.

Dr. Troya’s Expertise

Dr. Troya treats a variety of medical diseases such as:

  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Diabetes Type 1 & 2
  • Various types of Thyroidism
  • Thyroid Cancers, Nodules, and Disorders
  • Pituitary Disorders
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Graves’ Disease, and other Thyroid-related problems

As a thyroid doctor, Dr. Troya is intimately familiar with diagnosing and treating any and all diseases related to endocrinology, diabetes, or metabolism issues.

Osteoporosis Issues

One of the medical problems that Dr. Troya frequently treats is issues related to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis literally means “porous bones,” a medical problem generally thought to be related to women over 50, but in actuality, a substantial percentage of men over 50 are affected as well.

The Main Problem

The main problem with osteoporosis is that both men and women have a substantial risk of breaking a bone, which may not sound that alarming until it is pointed out that after a break in the hip bone, for example, 20 percent of all patients die within a year and 50 percent lose their mobility.

Thousands Affected

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, one in every three women over age 50, and one in every five men over the age of 50 are subject to osteoporosis. Dr. Troya points out the fact that upwards of 10 million people in the United States have osteoporosis, and another 44 million have low bone density.

Risk Factors You Cannot Change

There are certain risk factors you cannot change, and there are others that can be addressed. Risk factors that are unavoidable include:

  • Age: Men and women over 65 are at the most risk of bone fractures
  • Gender: Women are more at risk than men
  • Family history: Osteoporosis is in part hereditary, so if your parents had a broken bone, you may also be at risk
  • Personal bone history: If you already have had a bone fracture, you are at risk for another
  • Hysterectomies and menopause: Women who have had a hysterectomy or experienced early menopause may be at greater risk
  • Certain medications: Certain medicines may put you at greater risk for osteoporosis
  • Diseases: Certain diseases, including those of the endocrine system, may put you at greater risk of osteoporosis
Risk Factors You Can Control

Other risk factors are to a great percentage, under your control according to Dr. Troya. These include:

  • Excessive Drinking: Drinking over 2 units of alcohol a day can increase your risk of fractures
  • Smoking: Smoking doubles your risk of hip fractures
  • Being significantly underweight: A very low body mass can put you at risk of osteoporosis
  • Poor nutrition: Not getting enough protein and calcium can lead to premature bone loss
  • Not enough Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency can lead to premature bone loss
  • Lack of calcium: Calcium is crucial for strong bones, and a deficiency can lead to problems
  • Frequent falls: Identifying and addressing the causes of frequent falls can prevent fractures
When Should You Get Screened for Osteoporosis?

Dr. Troya recommends that all men and women get screened for bone loss and ascertain their risk factors if they are subject to any of the common risk factors, or simply if they are 65 or older. A physician can ascertain your risks over the next 10 years of having a bone fracture, and with proper medicine and a healthy diet and lifestyle, your risks can greatly be reduced, or treated properly.

At Bay Area Endocrinology Associates, Dr. Troya has all the proper tools at his disposal to help ensure that you minimize your risks of experiencing any effects of osteoporosis. Dr. Troya will work with you to create a custom program to prevent or minimize any of the potentially disastrous problems associated with osteoporosis.

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Meet Our Endocrinologists

Our Endocrinologists, Dr. Carlo A. Fumero, Sean Amirzadeh, DO, Alberto Garcia Mendez, Lauren Sosdorf, and Pedro Troya, are board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and have a wealth of experience treating thyroid conditions. They will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.


What our patients say about us

Deborah Diaz
Deborah Diaz
Attentive, thorough, compassionate, genuine, loyal.
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As a patient of Dr. Troya’s for several years, I would highly recommend this endocrinologist to anyone. He gives full attention to you and your needs without being pressed for time. His diagnosis and treatments are thorough with up-to-date technology and years of experience. His concern and compassion are genuine with your best interest at heart. After having multiple biopsies performed by Dr. Troya, I am definitely a loyal follower.
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Successful diabetes treatment, complete care
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I have been going to Dr. Troya for a year. He has treated my Diabetes with great success. He communicates with my other doctors, so he has a complete medical history of all my health issues. We need more caring doctors like Dr. Troya who has the patient’s best interest at heart. I am very thankful for Dr. Pedro Troya.
Michael Hoover
Michael Hoover
Stabilized diabetes, regained pilot's license.
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I was a private pilot for 34 years before contracting Type 1 diabetes after a severe case of food poisoning in March of 2008. My first endocrinologist refused to assist me in working with the FAA to retain my pilot’s license. I became a patient of Dr. Troya in 2010. Since that time, he has put me on a Continuous Glucose Monitoring regime and helped me stabilize my blood glucose levels to levels that allow me to pass my FAA medical exam. His caring and interest in each patient's personal issues, as well as their medical outcomes, marks him as an outstanding physician.
KC Mullis
KC Mullis
Personable, caring, thorough, trusted physician.
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Dr. Carlos Fumero is a very personable and caring physician. He takes the time to listen and is very thorough in his evaluations and explanations. He exercises incredible care and concern. I have been referring family members and friends to Dr. Carlos Fumero for almost two years now. We are all exceptionally grateful to have found such a trusted physician. Thank you, Dr. Carlos Fumero. Your kindness and medical expertise are more appreciated than I could ever express in words.
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